The Village

Nikki Shimp
2 min readDec 4, 2020

We Love Because He First Loved Us ~ 1 John 4:19

As a Christian household, our mission is to love and provide for our neighbors as God has loved and provided for us. We believe that providing quality and attentive childcare in our rural community is the path by which we are called to do so. Our goal is to provide children and families with regular encounters with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ while caring for their everyday needs in a safe home environment.

As a single parent, Nikki was faced with the scary reality that she could lose her daycare, health, and food assistance at any time if she worked even one hour of overtime each week. The overtime would have provided an additional $1,500 to her annual budget. But, the loss of her assistance would have created a $14,000 gap that could never be filled. The realization that there is a significant financial gap between state assistance and self-sufficiency led to the call to serve and support the “gap population.”

As we work towards 501(c)3 incorporation, we will be establishing a scholarship fund. When we are able, a portion of your weekly fees will be invested into The Village Scholarship Fund. Once the fund has reached a sustainable balance, rural families will be able to apply to The Village for daycare assistance scholarships. Families will not need to use The Village for daycare to be eligible for scholarships. Scholarships will be awarded based on need and household size and income. Families receiving Iowa DHS Block Grant assistance will not be eligible.